Facebook marketing/advertising for GivePrints promotional. 

Facebook marketing/advertising for GivePrints promotional. 

(Source: threeangelsrelief.org)

GivePrints + Three Angels ➙

Its official! My first piece of promotional copy is up on the Three Angels blog. 

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Beans + Rice (Three Angels)

In a culture where the options are endless and the eaters are picky, we thought it’d be a neat experiment to do as the Haitians do and try beans and rice for dinner. Whether its one night a week or one night a month, eating beans and rice is not only a good way to raise awareness and affirm solidarity with the people of Haiti, but its also a great way to save money for Haiti. By cooking beans and rice for dinner, the average savings is about $15. Consider the amount of help you could do for Haiti by switching to rice and beans a few dinners a month. Give it a try and share your stories with us! 


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